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My name is NiCK Carty and I created the Most Powerful Auto Blogging Software back in 2010. It was launched as a WSO and was on the first page forever, making me over 5,000 sales in a period of 1 year. I’m not bragging about that but just giving you an idea of how good my product was.

To my surprise, a lot of people are still making money with it. In fact, I personally use it to make money but right now; however it does not contribute to a significant chunk.

Amazon Blog Builder

In case if you didn’t know, I’m a big fan of automation. I hate to keep doing repetitive things and get bored. I mean, who wouldn’t right? Instead, I try automating most of the work and further work towards scaling it.

I wouldn’t mind even if a blog could make just $1 per day. My idea is, if I could build 50 or 100 blogs it would eventually add up to $50 or $100 per day, without me doing any work apart from initial work spent on building them.

Amazon Blog Builder

Yes, although it was and still is a very powerful Auto Blogging Software, its not completely automated. I mean, here’s how the actual process worked:

Step One: Finding a Good Niche
This was not difficult at all because I wasn’t focusing on high paying keywords or any particular single keyword. I was making money with several long tail keywords with absolutely low to no competition at all so I almost forgot the promotion part. Most of my blogs rank automatically for those long tail keywords which get very few searches.

Step Two: Building the Blog - VERY IMPORTANT
I needed to build a professional blog and this took a very long time for me. Even though I pretty much used the same theme and plugins, I still had to make a lot of customizations to make the blog look highly authoritative and as natural as possible.

Besides being a developer, it took me a hell lot of time and efforts to build the blog. I could only imagine how the non-techy people would have suffered there.

Step Three: Setting up automation
Once the blog is built, I need to find a lot of similar blogs for curated content with RSS feeds which I then have to add within the software. This step again could take a couple of hours.

Azon Blog Builder

Every week or so, I have to open the software, fetch for new content from curation sources, filter, clean up the content and finally select a batch of posts to be published on my blogs, which gets drip fed over a week’s time.

Well, this did save a lot of time. Like a week’s time. Or more precisely, I work for 1 day in a week and be free for the next 10 or 15 days. Cool right?

But that was for just 1 blog! How much money can I make with just 1 blog? I needed to build more blogs. And if I had to do the same process over and over again, in the end it was more work than I actually imagined.

Azon Blog Builder

I solely relied on Google for traffic and the same Google for Adsense. Bad idea! As time went, Google used to throw and update like Panda, Penguin whatever they’d call it, they came crashing at my blogs.

Adsense too, wasn’t paying enough. Dollar clicks went to pennies. And when a blog starts to die, I had to go through the entire process right from the start.

Azon Blog Builder

Fortunately, during my journey, I found that, instead of promoting Adsense for pennies a click, I could make more money by promoting affiliate offers but then again it was tricky to promote any offer because you simply cannot test every offer and most importantly the conversion rates were very low.

Since you actually try to promote something to someone who’ve never heard about that product or the brand or the seller before. So the lack of trust was a major pitfall in promoting affiliate offers.

Azon Blog Builder

You simply can’t redirect an advertising click direct to an affiliate offer. You’d probably lose more on the advertising costs than what you would actually make from the sale.

I’m not saying affiliate offers don’t work at all. They work well when you have a BIG list, where you educate them about the product through multiple emails and finally ask them to buy. This is when the conversion actually happens. However, this cannot be automated or scaled easily right?

Azon Blog Builder

Amazon is one of the most highly reputable and trustworthy online retailers in the world. People have a lot of trust in Amazon and especially the fact that they can return a product if they weren't satisfied together with the heavy competition has eventually made Amazon into a fairly priced marketplace with trusted sellers or at least a trustable middleman to back it up.

They have a humongous inventory of reputable products which means you literally have tens of thousands of product niches to promote. Also, they spend millions in researching to optimize the amount of sales they squeeze out of new and existing customers. Which also means, they have excellent conversion rates.

Azon Blog Builder

When you promote an informational product like an ebook or some digital offer, there is no trust in the first place and also most of the time people won't know what exactly are they going to get and they have so many confusions in their mind blocking the purchase decision.

But in case of Amazon, they are a trusted vendor who can help with refunds if anything goes wrong and they’re going after a physical product most importantly their increased conversion rate would easily outweigh the reduced commissions.

Azon Blog Builder

The reduced commissions won't be significant if you start promoting the right products. Personally, I have had great success in promoting products averagely priced at $100 and I usually make 8% referral rates based on the number of sales I make and this is a pretty decent amount I’d say.

So there you go.. I finally found something on which I could rely on, for a very long time to come. Definitely this is something that won't die tomorrow, next month, next year or even after 5 years.

So I started creating blogs that look like an ecommerce site but directs people to amazon to complete their purchase. So they get the trust of Amazon and I don’t have to take care any of the shipping, handling or other headaches.

Here’s an example blog:

Amazon Blog Builder

Note: This is not a production blog but just a test blog to show you what kind of blogs I build.


Azon Blog Builder Amazon Auto Blog Builder

Yes, I’m not joking, I spend less than 2 minutes filling a few details on the system and it produces perfect blogs for me at the push of a button!

All I have to do is this: Find a group of categories (usually 5), register a domain name that has the keyword in it, link it to my hosting account, open up my system, fill in a few details such as domain name, hosting logins, categories, my theme color and that’s it. That’s all it takes!

Within a few minutes, the system will create a perfect blog filled with a bunch of products, all set with my affiliate links and ready to promote.

Azon Blog Builder
Azon Blog Builder 3mins

All you have to do is just enter your domain name and hosting details. Select the niche categories and you’re done!

In a few minutes, the system will login to your hosting control panel, creates databases, upload and installs WordPress with our customized plugins and themes, configures everything and also populates a few products to begin with.

Everything is done automatically without your further intervention.

Azon Blog Builder system

This is truly a set and forget system. The blogs are not just built automatically, the custom plugins we created for you will update prices and fetches new products automatically from Amazon everyday so your blog is fresh with content all the time.

It will also update the change in prices for all products so your blog is always up-to-date.

Azon Blog Builder

I also build a list out of these blogs using exit popup and sidebar optin forms. I send an email with top selling products every month or twice every month depending on the niche to my list and keep making money consistently, over and over again.

This way, I aim for the long term. A list of prospects to whom I can market to whenever I want to, at my will. So there you go; I don't do anything super fancy or complex to make money. Stick to the basics, build a blog, promote amazon products and make money.

Azon Blog Builder Traffic

Actually it is pretty much automated too. You see, the main goal here is not to focus on driving all the traffic in the world to ONE super high quality blog where you have toiled your life to get completely original keyword rich content pages.

In my system, these blogs have 500 odd pages and a few manually created review pages with original content. Note: You need to write at least 5 pages of original content, usually review of top products, 1 for each category and post on your blog.

These pages attract most of the traffic automatically and the additional 500 pages created automatically by the software will help your blog look more authorative both in the eyes of Google and to regular visitors.

This way, even without any SEO or promotion strategies, I get few visitors automatically from search engines, usually in the range of 500-800 per month, enough to make 1 or 2 sales a week per blog.

Since it takes just 3 minutes of your time to build a new blog, having 10 blogs could get you like 10 or 20 sales a week. This is how I make the BIG money, automatically!

Just a few hours of initial setup is required. That’s it! The system works for me and it should definitely work for you too, if you take action. And I will personally help you get there via email support.

Azon Blog Builder

When you build a blog of this sort and don't do much promotion apart from little off-site SEO such as minimal backlinks which would cost like $15-20 bucks, in my experience, you would get only like 1000 visitors in a month and with the lowest 3-5% conversion rate, you would probably make 30 sales on an average in a month.

30 x $10 per product would be like $300 on an average per blog.

Azon Blog Builder

So if you have to make $3000, simply build 10 blogs. But I must also say that not every blog is going to make you money. Out of 10 blogs usually 2 or 3 would fail so you just have to keep building more blogs. After all, it is just going to take 3 minutes of your time.

Azon Blog Builder recoup

The site-flipper license allows you to sell these automated blogs you create. Blogs of this standard usually have a market value of minimum $500 in leading site flipping websites.

Simply take up the site flipper edition, create a blog, throw in a few content or customizations of your own if required and flip it for immediate profits!

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