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Do You Know Why Everybody is Making Money with Amazon? Because IT WORKS!

BEST PART: No Selling Required!

You heard that right! You don't have to actually 'SELL' to make money on Amazon.

I mean, you don't have to source for suppliers/products, hold inventory, handle shipping, customer support or anything of that sort.

Amazon has its own affiliate program called “Amazon Associates” that you can join for free and earn commissions by simply referring people to Amazon’s website

However, how much money you make depends entirely on your efforts. In fact, you need to toil hard to make a significant chunk.

Unless; You know how to work SMART and AUTOMATE everything!

And, That’s How it all Began!

It all started 3 years ago where I built a blog promoting Amazon products as an affiliate and within months, it started making money passively.

Although very little in the beginning, it was a good start.

Pretty soon I figured out that if I were to multiply this into many blogs, I could simply multiply my income.

But managing multiple blogs soon became a nightmare.

What if I could automate the whole process? I mean, if there was an easy way to replicate these winning blogs and make them run completely on their own, how cool would that be.

So, I Built a System to Produce High Quality, Completely Automated Blogs in Less than 3 minutes FLAT, with Just a Few Clicks

It is a very powerful system that can produce fully automated blogs on eCommerce layout in less than just 2 minutes of your time!

All You have to do is this:

Find a product category in Amazon, register a brandable domain name, link it to your hosting account and plug in to my system. Thats it!

Within a couple of minutes, the system will create a completely automated blog filled with a bunch of products, all set with your affiliate links and ready to promote.

Blogs are based out of WordPress which is the number 1 blogging platform on the planet. Not just that, they perform best in SEO.

Besides, WordPress allows you to add unlimited features through plugins and make your blogs even more powerful.

All the products are added from Amazon automatically every day so your blogs are always fresh with the latest products. The product prices are updated too; every day.

YES! 3 minutes is All it Takes to Build Absolutely Stunning Fully Automated Blogs Promoting Amazon Products

All you have to do is just enter your domain name and hosting details. Select the niche categories and you’re done!

In a few minutes, the system will login to your hosting control panel, creates databases, upload and installs WordPress with our customized plugins and themes, configures everything and also populates a few products to begin with.

Everything is done automatically without your further intervention.

Sounds Too Good to be TRUE? Let Me Walk You Through the System LIVE!

These Blogs Update on Their Own Everyday, Posting New Products From Amazon

A True Set and Forget System!

This is truly a set and forget system. The blogs are not just built automatically, the custom plugins we created for you will update prices and fetches new products automatically from Amazon everyday so your blog is fresh with content all the time.

It will also update the change in prices for all products so your blog is always up-to-date.

Here’s an example blog:

This is by far, the Easiest, Quickest and the Most Powerful way to Build High Quality Automated Affiliate Websites Promoting Amazon

I have personally tried and tested EVERY amazon store builder out in the market; but to my surprise, none of them are easy, quick or as powerful as Azon Blog Builder.

Most importantly, they're NOT completely automated

Some can build the website but they either look crappy or not perfectly SEO optimized, etc... A majority of them are plugins to WordPress which means you need to build the blog yourself, set up the theme, add products manually which could all take weeks time, just for one single blog. 

Even the so claimed "Fully Automated" systems take about 1 hour to deploy 1 single blog and yet, they're not as easy as this system.

These Blogs Are Fully SEO Optimized Straight Out-of-the-Box So You Don't Need to Install Anything Extra or Fiddle with Code

Several of my customers who have used other products in the market have personally emailed me saying that they tested all other site builders out there and my system is by far the BEST in terms of on-site SEO, straight out of the box.

My system builds blogs based out of WordPress which is already the best in terms of on-site SEO and most importantly, the theme we custom developed for this system has the best SEO effects and you don't need to install any extra plugin or fiddle with code.

Not just SEO, the custom developed theme is battle tested for best CONVERSIONS as well!

The Exact Same System I Use to Generate over $5,000/mo on Complete Auto-Pilot

It took 6 months to create such system and I refined it over several years to produce cutting edge blogs that can actually make money on their own, passively

Over a period of 3 years, I have built just over 63 blogs using this system and retained 28 of the best ones which continue to make me money, EVEN TODAY!

The 28 blogs combined, make me about $5,000 odd every month, Passively!

Great, So How Much Does this System Cost?

This system has been helping me for the past 3 years to make over $5,000/mo, with very little work involved on my part.

 And for the past year, several of my customers have made over $1,000 and considering this, I initially planned to charge $997 per license.

But for a very limited time, I'm going to charge you just $147 (ONE-TIME). Yes, you read that right! Just $147 (ONE-TIME).

Here's What You're Also Getting For FREE!

5 Special High Value BONUS

Niche Marketing Secrets - Video Training

This special deluxe package includes training on how to build a Winning Money Making System

  • How to Pick a Niche the Smart Way and Build a Brand
  • How to Become a Niche Authority Quickly
  • Build a Successful Niche Content Creation System
  • Monetize and optimize your brand systematically
  • Discover A Shortcut ToSuccessful Niche Marketing

Why Do You Need Niche Marketing Secrets?

Many fail to make money online because they don't know how to pick niches the right way. They end up building the wrong kind of business.

A lot of online entrepreneurs think that once they’ve discovered a niche, they just need to build a website or a business. Regardless of how much time, effort and money they put into their business, nothing seems to work. At best, they’re forced to settle for cents on the dollar. At worst, they don't make any money at all.

You have to build a brand. Your brand is a set of values that your targeted audience would associate with your business. Niche marketing secrets video training will teach you everything you need to know for building a successful brand and a business.

What's Inside Niche Marketing Secrets?

  • Package includes eBook, Video Trainings, High Level Mindmap, Actionable Cheatsheet and Resource Report 
  • You Will Learn To Identify Key Starting Points & Understand The Mental Connection With Your Target Audience
  • You Can Begin To Understand The Specific Types Of Content That Generate A Lot Of The Results 
  • You Are Going To Learn How To Build A Self-sustaining And Self-reinforcing System Ultimately Leading To Victory
  • To make it easy, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how it’s done...
  • This is the easiest way to actually get started with a system-based approach to niche marketing!

High Value Bonus #2

Authority Blogging Secrets

Discover how you can maximize readership, subscriber rates and generate massive traffic to your blogs starting immediately.

  • How to quickly set up a high-powered traffic campaign that'll drive          
    targeted traffic to your website, absolutely free!
  • Discover the secrets to converting traffic into loyal subscribers! This is exactly how the 6-figure bloggers do it!
  • Find out how you can position yourself as an authority in your market while siphoning valuable traffic from existing blogs!
  • Cut your workload in half and skyrocket your income faster and 
    easier than ever before!
  • Uncover the fail-proof strategies to launching your blog in a HUGE way! 

Why Do You Need Authority Blogging Secrets?

Although automated blogs attract a bit of search engine traffic, you can take your earnings to the next level by simply converting your regular Azon blog into a high authority blog in your niche.

There are simple, yet effective ways to dramatically increase the amount of traffic, subscribers, and revenuefrom the start, while also decreasing the time and energy spent managing your blog. 

There is no better way to stay motivated and focused than by seeing results from your hard work, and that is exactly what you’re going to experience when you follow the techniques featured within this special report which also includes:

  • The best ways to generate highly targeted traffic to your blog quickly (and for free!) 
  • How to get people to subscribe to your email list and follow you on social media
  • What type of content will convert and help position you as an authority in your niche

High Value Bonus #3

Website Traffic Secrets

Finally! Learn the Secrets for Boosting Traffic to Your Blogs and Increase Your Sales Using Both Free and Paid Methods

  • Learn about the importance of high-quality content, SEO, and web analytics
    and how you can get them all outsourced for cheap. 
  • Discover how to utilize social media networks to gain more followers 
    and direct more traffic to your website.
  • Find out how you can use other websites, forum links, and guest blogging 
    to your advantage.
  • Learn how email marketing campaigns can benefit your website and drive more qualified leads and sales to you business.
  • Learn about the various paid advertising options that you can use to boost website traffic starting immediately.

Why Do You Need Website Traffic Secrets?

When you go through this course and uncover the secrets to boosting your website traffic, you’ll benefit by seeing a marked increase in traffic to your automated Azon blogs.

Here are just some of the benefits that you’ll gain:

  • You'll gain an understanding of why high-quality content is so crucial for increasing website traffic.
  • You’ll learn how to make the most out of your SEO efforts and discover the benefits of guest blogging.
  • You’ll discover how to best utilize Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to bring more traffic to your site.
  • You’ll learn how to use competing websites and forum links to boost traffic.
  • You’ll learn the difference between bulk email campaigns and opt-in campaigns and which is better.
  • You’ll understand the various paid advertising methods and which ones will work best for your situation.

High Value Bonus #4

Keyword Research Software

Instantly Uncover "Hidden" Profitable Keywords And Niche Markets That You Can Easily Dominate With Less Effort!

  • You'll be able to find the most popular keywords on 6 TOP search engines any time you want...  
  • Simply enter your base search term (keyword), select which search engines you want to query and click "Search"!
  • Cross-Site Popularity score with 6 sources (this instantly shows you how "HOT" a keyword truly is)
  • Saves you huge amounts of time while you focus on driving more targeted traffic to your automated blogs.
  • Having the right keyword and niche information can make all the difference in gaining and maintaining success.

Why Do You Need Keyword Research Software?

Keyword research is a vital and necessary ingredient in online financial success. Yet, it can also be one of the most time-consuming tasks you can perform. Worse part is, you can spend hours, days, or even weeks analyzing and extracting keywords and still be shooting in the dark. 

The only way to truly get ahead in this game is to gain access to the keywords and topics that are highly relevant to Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon AND eBay! 

Here are just some of the benefits that you’ll gain:

  • You'll be able to find the most popular keywords on 6 TOP search engines any time you want...  
  • Simply enter your base search term (keyword), select which search engines you want to query and click "Search"!
  • Then analyze the results with Cross-Site Popularity score (this instantly shows you how "HOT" a keyword truly is)
  • Saves you huge amounts of time while you focus on driving more targeted traffic to your automated blogs.
  • Having the right keyword and niche information can make all the difference in gaining and maintaining success.

High Value Bonus #5

Xtreme List Build WordPress Plugin

Start Creating High Converting Landing Pages with Pictures and Videos, all within Your WordPress Blog

  • Super Fast Setup! Waste absolutely no time and have your new offer up and ready quick.
  • Stand Out From The Rest! Catch the attention of each visitor and make them stop and read your message. 
  • Customize to Match Your Brand! Use the easy options panel to make your page(s) compliment your brand! 
  • Collect More Leads! Show your message first and collect your leads AFTER they have already taken action.
  • These landing pages have shown to increase optin rates by up to 60% as tested and used by several top internet marketers.

How Can Xtreme List Build Plugin Help You?

Ask any marketer and you will hear that List Building is the biggest asset for EVERY business. Who else doesn't want to build a list of prospects to whom you can market to whenever you wish, at will? 

With this Xtreme list build plugin, you can create high converting landing pages right within your WordPress blogs and connect with your auto responders. You can create stunning pages that focus on experience with an effective & exciting landing page style!

You'll be hard pressed to find an optin page creator that is as quick to set up or as easy to use.

Full access to Azon Blog Builder System
$  499
Niche Marketing Secrets - Video Training
$  297
Authority Blogging Secrets - eBook
$   47
Website Traffic Secrets - 40 Pages Guide
$   47
Keyword Research Software
$   97
Xtreme List Landing Page Build Plugin 
$   97

Total Value:  $ 1,084

Discounted Price:  $ 499

Today's Special Price:  $ 147 

(One time Payment, No Hidden/Recurring Fee)

100% Money Back Guarantee

I'd like to personally take all the risk here and give you full access to the system. Go ahead and tale a test drive right away. For any reason, within the first thirty days if you ever feel the system isn't worth the price you paid for, simply contact us and I will offer a full refund without any hard feelings!

World Class Customer Support

I have been praised since the beginning, for the past 9 years, on my extended customer support where I personally respond to each and every query you might have with regards to this system or anything related to it. Many times, I go beyond the line to help you succeed. No support ticket system, plain emails directly replied to. If you have any queries, please Email: Owner@CartyStudios.com

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       Can I use it on more than 1 PC? Will it work on a Mac, Windows 10 etc..?

Since this is a web based application, you can use it on any PC. All you need is a Chrome browser.

2.       How soon can you make money with this system?

This is not a get rich quick scheme and I don’t believe there is any such thing.

What I have here is based out of a solid money making system used by hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers who build websites and blogs promoting Amazon. 

While an average person can build and maintain only a handful of blogs, this system takes away the pain by creating blogs with just a few clicks and keeping them updated automatically as well so you can focus on other things.

You still need to add a bunch of original high quality articles, at least one on each category so the blog has some valuable content for your visitors as well as ranking in the search engines. Don’t worry, it can be outsourced and I will tell you where.

While every blog is different in the niche and products, many of my customers have seen results within 3 weeks since everything has been setup. 

3.       Where to get the articles, backlinks etc..?

I will certainly give you links to where I usually get these articles outsourced for cheap.

4.       Can I install this on my existing blog?

This is not a simple plugin but a complex code with custom developed theme which is battle tested for best conversions and SEO.

The system will actually installs a fresh WordPress blog, sets up the theme and plugins for you with just a few clicks. All you need provide is a domain name linked to a hosting account. 
The system takes care of the rest for you.

5.       Can I use a different theme?

The system works only with this custom developed theme but the best part is, you can customize this theme with different backgrounds, logo, color options etc, all from the WordPress admin area without even touching the code.

And as mentioned above, the system comes with a custom developed theme, battle tested for best conversions and SEO. You don’t need another one.

6.       What additional expenses are involved?

For every blog, you need:

Domain name: Typically costs around $10 and you can also consider getting expired domains which might already have some backlinks on them so giving you a good initial boost.

Web Hosting: You can just get ONE unlimited hosting plan which typically costs about $66/yr at our recommended host or you can use your own cPanel hosting if it supports automated blogs.

Articles: I recommend a minimum of 5 high quality review articles published on your blogs. You can get these outsourced for just 5 bucks each.

Backlinks: I spend a maximum of $20 per blog on backlinks and I can tell you my sources.

So typically I spend about $50 per blog in total and you can save a lot if you write articles on your own but I leave it to the experts.

7.       Do you provide training?

Although the system is very simple to use, I do have training videos recorded so you can get started easily. Besides, I'm just an email away.

8.       More questions?

No problem, simple email them to me: Owner [at] CartyStudios.com

Yes, I will personally answer every single one of them. Wanna try?

Do YOU want Your Amazon Account to Look Like in The Below Video?

You Need to Get This IMMEDIATELY!

FULL Refund if Not Happy!

For Support, please Email: Owner@CartyStudios.com

100% Money Back Guarantee

I'd like to personally take all the risk here and give you full access to the system. Go ahead and tale a test drive right away. For any reason, within the first thirty days if you ever feel the system isn't worth the price you paid for, simply contact us and I will offer a full refund without any hard feelings!

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